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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 4.00 Introduction

Tourweaver 4.00 is an old version of Tourweaver which was released in 2008. It can create virtual tours in full screen Flash player with popup windows and various other features.

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Based on the previous 3.00 version, Tourweaver 4.00 creates virtual tours with many new Flash features. Stunning virtual tours are easily created with panoramas and still images, integrating various virtual tour components like popup windows, floorplans, hotspots, radar and links. With this innovative virtual tour software, you will be able to create splendid professional Flash virtual tours!

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Main features of Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 4.00

Tourweaver is professional and powerful software that can create virtual tours with the following components:

  • Panoramas, still photos
  • Multiple Maps/floorplans
  • Hotspots in scenes to trigger various actions like linking to other scenes, and opening popup windows
  • Radars in maps to indicate the location of the scene in the map/floorplan
  • Popup windows to show detailed images and information
  • Customized virtual tour template with buttons (various actions can be added), text area, thumbnail, movie controller and more...
  • Branded virtual tour loading window and Flash progress bar (Professional edition only)
  • Full screen display of SceneViewer and MapViewer

Virtual tours created with Tourweaver 4.0 can be:

  • In either Html format which is based on Flash player or video format (video output is supported by Professional only)
  • Easily uploaded and embeded in your webpages.
  • Easily burned to CDs and sent to your clients

Note: Tourweaver 4.00 only creates Flash virtual tours. If you would like to create Java Applet virtual tours, please use Tourweaver 3.00.

Virtual tour software Tourweaver features

What kind of scenes does virtual tour software Tourweaver 4.00 accept?

  • Spherical panoramas
  • Cylindrical panoramas
  • One single fisheye image
  • Kaidan one shot
  • 0-360 one shot
  • Remote reality one shot
  • Still images
  • Cubic panorama

How to make a virtual tour with Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 4.00?


Virtual tour software Tourweaver 4.00 Edition Comparison

Tourweaver 4.00 has two editions: Professional Edition and Standard Edition. Either of them can create beautiful virtual tours, while the professional version provides you with more freedom for a virtual tour with more professional outlooking. See Comparison Chart.

Virtual tour software Tourweaver 4.00 OS Platform compatibility

Virtual tour software Tourweaver required system
Macintosh OS is not supported.

Virtual tour software Tourweaver system requirement

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