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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 3.00 Testimonials

Hear what people are saying about Tourweaver 3.00

  • Thanks very much for your advice, just to let you know my clients are extremely happy with how the product works and thankyou from me as this is the career I have recently choosen, I wouldn't of done so if there was not a product as Tourweaver 3 and Panoweaver 5.00.
    Brian Luke, December 06, 2007
  • I am a real estate broker, and want to begin making my own tours. I have done a fairly large amount of research, and your products look to me to be the best choice.
    Ken Doolittle, June 21st, 2007
  • I have come to be aquainted with your product through the Kaidan website. Initially, I shot with a one shot solution but quickly found the quality to be inferior, so eventually bought a second system involving fisheye stitching and tried the free demo and liked the ease of usability coupled with extensive features which made it an easy choice to utilize your software in my business.
    Currently, I use the software in the Real Estate sector. In the future, I plan on providing service to hotel/motel industry, reception/conference halls, and ultimately utilize the crime scene software and provide service to law enforcement.
    Al. Martinez
  • Hello, Love your work, Tourweaver 2.0.....brilliant.
    Todd Napes

Comments on Tourweaver 1.3

  • I have purchased Tour Weaver professional Edition & would like to thank you for developing an excellent product.
    Wael Tawfik
  • Brilliant!!!! Again, you and your customer service is second to none. Well done and many thanks!
    Chris Brooks
  • Thank you so very much! Your company's response was wonderful. The service makes the software worth every penny!
    Kim Ropke
  • Your product is outstanding!!! I have been using the trial version all day and it is superb.
    Misty Lackie
  • I have used Professional Tourweaver since the day I bought it! I love it! It provides professional templates that are easily incorporated into which ever presentational design I like.
    Luke Anderberg
  • I have been photographing tours for residential tours, and your software has allowed me to differentiate my product from my competition. I am now targeting commercial real estate. The floor plans which your tour uses is the difference that will make my tours better than my competitors.
    David Bardes
  • I was looking for such a product and found it after searching on the Yahoo! search engine and found the trial version had all the I had wanted and more and so purchased it immediatly.
    James Barry
  • The program Tourweaver is a fantastic program and my business is taking a new direction. It seems now that all my customers want a virtual tour.
    Tim Stadtmiller
  • I am amazed with how easy "easypano" is to use. Good job! I love the rotating compass function in the map. Good idea there.
    Sean Bickford
  • Thank you. I already believe TW is the BEST VT software available (on the global market).
    Alan Powell
  • I want to let you know how very satisfied I am with the product I bought from you.
  • I have tried nearly everything on the market and tourweaver is the best.
    Phillip Fieweger
  • We are a property management company and have looked at the possibility of using Virtual Tours to market our business. Your software seems to be the best available in terms of ease of use and the richness of the Templates. The examples you have in your Gallery on your site are very impressive.
  • Right now tourweaver is the only one in its class for normal mid level tech guys like me to be able to figure out easily to be able to create flash types of effects like interactive maps, audio rollovers, fades and record path stuff, etc..
  • The Touweaver is a great idea and a very fine workmanship. Congratulations to the team! The first impression of the program Tourweaver shows, that you are on the right way. The Structure of the Main-Menu is logical. You have extended YOUR new Applet with a script to solve the new problems. That's great!
    Thomas B. Kunz
  • Tourweaver looks very good and I think you are doing excellent work to advance your company. Excellent- the path section is absolutely Brilliant, I have wanted this "record path" concept in a pano for years. Thank you so much for this. Ohhh I absolutely love love love this "record Path/zoom feature"more than anything by far in the whole program, by far!!!!!!!!!! You have created the most brilliant thing to come along in panorama image making with this record path/record zoom with this timeline feature. You guys hit the target, brilliant!!!!!!!!
    Dylan McLoughlin
  • I have started to see the program, the test views of Shanghai. It is rather NICE and IMPRESSIVE!!!! I like the map and on it the view being seen, as well. The navigation is nice, too, as I see it.
    Tamas Koos
  • First impressions of Tour Weaver are very positive thus far. The ability to control the "skin" and overall look and feel of the tour are very welcome features.
    Brian Jackson
  • I think you folks have built a great product and The direction you have taken is a solid one. We have a Virtual Reality application that could use some of your features. Please keep me informed as to your progress ... We are very interested! feel free to contact me.
    Paul Dwinell
  • Very nice. I'm thankful for the API scripting. It seems it will deliver great results for those of us planning on more customizable applications. I have been considering the GPS integration that other software offers, does anyone have experience with that? I know tourweaver has mapping integration. By the way, I have been very impressed with some of you guys websites and pictures. Great work! As soon as I produce pictures of Mt McKinley (Denali) here in Alaska, I'll show them off.
  • Hello panoweaver people, I have tried the trial version of tourweaver and it looks great. Experience of 2 hour working with tourweaver. This is just what I needed. I like the fade in of the panos.
    Jaap Pameijer
  • First of all let me congratulate you to this good product. Nearly every feature you desire for a virtual tour is implemented. Tourweaver 1.25 is already a very powerful tool to make very good panorama tours. Especially for beginners it is easy to use especially in connection with Panoweaver. But also for professional use the application has nearly all features you desire for creativity
    Frank Fuerstenwerth
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