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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 3.00 Success Story

Clients of Easypano Virtual Tour Software share their success stories on using Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver. With the help of Tourweaver, they have done great job and succeed in many fields like real estate, holiday accommodation and hotels...

Success Story

success story on Virtual Tour Software-Tourweaver

By Tommaso Esmanech, (

VirtualeMotion is a photographic studio specialized in virtual tours and 360 images. It was founded in Europe in 2001 with the objective to create the best 360 virtual tours. A lot of images were circulating at the time, though the quality was poor. VirtualeMotion went through an extensive research of software, techniques and equipment to achieve the best 360 images at the fastest download speed with the most realistic result.

We have been using Tourweaver since the first version. In our research for virtual tour perfections we have continued to update our technologies to the best in the industry and Tourweaver is currently the best software on the market for interactive floor plans. The Easypano sales and customer services has helped us keeping us informed about the latest information and news and answering promptly to our questions and requests and taking in consideration our feedback.

VirtualeMotion has proven itself in the market for creating high quality virtual tours for Museums and art galleries (i.e.: Palazzo Forti Verona Italy) and five start hotels (i.e.: Hotel Villa Malspina). The future is to expand the quality of our virtual tour 360-image work into the real estate market. We have opened a year ago a subsidiary in Sacramento, CA, to address the real estate market. The USA real-estate market is using 360 images and virtual tours, however the quality is low and the loading speed is slow and images are small. VirtualeMotion wants to bring the experience create with Museums and Hotels into the real estate market. The utilization of the Easypano software, in particular Tourweaver is key for the success. The flexibility that Tourweaver brings allows VirtualeMotion to create Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) virtual tours at a competitive cost bringing high level of quality and interactions into the USA Real Estate virtual tour services.

Are you thinking of starting out? Definitely Easypano has a complete suit of software, which allows compiling a perfect virtual tour. However the software is not everything, the same principles of still photography apply to the creation of a virtual tour and great pictures can only be taken after having studied, applied the technique and continuous improvement.

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