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Easypano Announces Tourweaver 1.00

November 4, 2003: Panorama Technologies Corporation Ltd., the world's leading developer in panorama stitching and virtual tour creating software, today announced a new software application named Tourweaver to make it much easier to create professional virtual tour in a faster way for website construction and multimedia design.

Developed as a Windows 98/Me/2K/XP application for virtual tour creating, Tourweaver ulteriorly performs the client needed features to produce multimedia virtual tours which are ready for viewing with or without web-based panoramic viewers.

Tourweaver has answered the top needs with a complete virtual tour publishing solution to satisfy the widest range of uses. Following is only a part of the new features:

1. Full individualization: Tourweaver could enable you to customize a virtual tour of your own style. It provides the user full freedom to make your conceived tour come true.

  • Visually customize the skin
  • Adjust FOV, Pan, Tilt for each scene.

2. Easy to use: Tourweaver is an easy-to-use virtual tour creator. Even you are new in virtual tour, it could guide you to build a surprising tour with no special training.
  • Viewer skin templates available
3. Multimedia demonstration: Tourweaver has the unparalleled path feature designed for virtual tour multimedia demonstration.
  • Preset the timing and walkthrough
  • Transition effect
4. Multiple navigating options: Pick your favorite way to display the virtual tour interactively, either hotspot or floor plan or any other options.
  • Support multiple hotspots
  • Interactive map with compass effect available
5. Extensibility: Users are free to extend Tourweaver with API (application programming interface).

Tourweaver has a broad multimedia applicability and need no special hardware to work with. To prepare the original images to create virtual tours, Tourweaver is well suited for use with different software: To get the perfect spherical panoramas to create virtual tours, Easypano Panoweaver or Panotools are recommended; To get the cylindrical panoramas, users could choose Cool 360, Pixmaker, etc.; To get the still images, users could take photos directly or use Photoshop to paint or edit.

The language in Tourweaver 1.0 is English now. While for the convenience of non-English speaking users, German, Spanish, Italian, French and other versions will be ready in three month.

"As the fifth product in the Easypano virtual tour software series, Tourweaver has really included many considerate and easy-to-use new features." Seaman Yu, the CEO of Easypano, said: "I hope Tourweaver could be a compositive resolution for those who had kindly suggested their wished features on our old virtual tour software series."

Below are some of the comments on Easypano Tourweaver 1.0 from beta testers:

Gary Davenport
I have looked at the software for a short period of time. It is clearly a vast improvement over Virtual Tour EXE and seems very production friendly
for VR developers. The design of Tourweaverseems quite straightforward and easy to use both as a developer and user. I think it should succeed in helping customers to quickly create tours that provide both a professional 'look' while providing ample customization features. The ability to integrate hotspots is excellent and valuable.

Dylan McLoughlin
Tourweaver looks very good and I think you are doing excellent work to advance your company. Excellent- the path section is absolutely Brilliant, I have wanted this "record path" concept in a pano for years. Thank you so much for this. Ohhh I absolutely love love love this "record Path/zoom feature"more than anything by far in the whole program, by far!!!!!!!!!! You have created the most brilliant thing to come along in panorama image making with this record path/record zoom with this timeline feature. You guys hit the target, brilliant!!!!!!!!

Brian Jackson
First impressions of Tour Weaver are very positive thus far. The ability to control the "skin" and overall look and feel of the tour are very welcome features.

For more information about Tourweaver, please visit or email to Trial versions could be downloaded from Easypano website and other famous download sites.


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