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What we provide

With the leading edge technology of street view capturing, we provide the whole solution of capturing camera system, inlcuding following parts:

  • Capturing camera system
  • Camera controlling software
  • Post processing system
  • On site commissioning and calibration

Industry solutions

Digital City Solution with GIS Map

Combined with GIS, image processing technology and database, City8 can be integrated in digital or online visible city solution. It can be widely used for city exhibition, management, urban planning, as well as a good show window for travelers. Both citizens and governmental officials may use such a rich-information system as good support to their daily life and work.

Digital city made by City8 technology

Comprehensive Platform for Real Estate

As an extenstion to indoor 360 degree virtual tour, City8 makes it easier to create comprehensive platform for real estate. Not only the indoor panoramas, but also can read introduction of the house, see photos of the building, find the location on the map, and walk on the street to have a look at the nearby shops, restaurants, banks, and all kinds of facilities.

Real estate platform by City8

3D Online Exhibition System for Expo, Tourism, Shopping, Campus, etc.

More immersive than video, City8 may totally bring you to the exact place you want to go. It's possible to experience the expo or museum as if you were really there. Without spending much time and money, you may preview the beautiful landscape and make your tourism plan, even more, you may search different traveling lines, book tickets and hotelor. Visible online shopping system becomes possible with City8, you can make an online shopping exactly as you were in the mall, compare goods, prices, purchase online and post reviews.

  • China International Industry Expo

Experience the expo

  • Virtual tourism and meseum - Palace Garden

Virtual museum by City8

Have a tour in the Palace Garden in Beijing

  • Guiding System for Shopping Mall- Outlets


System for Engineering, Communication, Army, Police, etc.

With the unique advantage, City8 can be a good support to engineering managment system. It can be used to report and record engineering progress, check status, arrange facility maintanance, it's also a database for review and preplan.

  • Engineering Management Platform - Record every step of engineering project

Engineering system by City8

  • Management System for Electronic Power Facilities and Water Conservancy

Electronic power system   Water conservancy management system by City8

  • Visible Railway or Hihgway Management System

 Highway system by City8   Railway management system by City8

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