General Questions:

How to know if my Panoweaver is the latest version?

Choose Help>Check for Update to check online.

How to report BUG to Easypano?

Choose Help>Bug Report/Feature Request, enter it in the pop-up window.

What should I know to shoot fisheye image with Ceiling/Floor?

If you want to shoot fisheye images with Ceiling/Floor, you should shoot images in horizontal direction first. After shooting the last image, rotate camera up to shoot ceiling; then rotate down to shoot floor. Note: You should shoot Ceiling/Floor images at the same location of the last image of horizontal direction, and do not move tripod or camera. For details, please refer to How to Shoot Fisheye Images

How to activate Panoweaver?

First you need to buy Panoweaver to get one license key. Enter this license key to activate Panoweaver at the first time you start to use it. Panoweaver will prompt what to do next. Tip: The license key is able to be used on two computers at the same time. But you need to transfer license key or to buy volume license if you want to use this license key on a third computer.

When should I make HDR image from Raw format? When should I make HDR image from bracket enclosing?

If there is moving object in the scene, Raw format will get better effect. If all objects in the scene are still, bracket enclosing will get better effect.

I have used auto-match function when inserting matching points, why it is still not accurate?

Panoweaver allows the misalignment of the location of auto-matched points as long as they are within certain range. If misalignment is really serious, please check:
If you encounter a problem when using Panoweaver which is not answered in this online help, visit the Panoweaver Support page at http://www.easypano.com/faq.html or http://www.easypano.com/kb.html. where you'll find an updated list of frequently asked questions and answers, and links to additional resources.
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