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EXPO 2010 Shanghai China - Pavilions virtual tours

There are three types of pavilions in EXPO Shanghai 2010.

Type 1: Self-built Pavilion: pavilion designed and built by participants on the plot allocated by the Organizer
Type 2: Rented Pavilion: stand-alone pavilion built by the Organizer and rented to participants
Type 3: Joint Pavilion: pavilion constructed by the Organizer and allocated to developing nations free of charge

After the conclusion of Expo 2010, participants who have built and used Type 1 pavilions shall dismantle their pavilions, and participants who have used Type 2 and Type 3 pavilions shall remove all their exhibits, exhibition equipment and facilities from the pavilions or their allocated exhibition spaces. Type 1 pavilions shall be dismantled before May 1, 2011 at the latest.

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Saudi Arabia

The China Pavilion is designed with the concept of "Oriental Crown". The traditional Chinese wooden structure architecture element -- Dougong brackets is introduced. The design concept, "the Oriental Crown, the Crest of Chinese, the Barn for the World and Wealthy People," reflects the deep accumulation of Chinese culture. The main colour of the China Pavilion is the traditional and sacred colour, "Gugong (Forbidden City) Red" which represents the taste and spirit of Chinese culture.

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