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Merge Flash and HTML5

Panoweaver Pro 7.40 - If I use only HTML5 export option it's perfect on iPad, but I have to use a different link to each device (Flash + HTML5),  but If I merge both it's great as it has the auto detection but the pano is a complete mess on HTML5 - it simple does not work at all. It's a bug?

if someone like to see it - in Portuguese

the first two panos was merged.

Can anyone help me?

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Hi gabiatti,

I try to open your tour by both IE and safari. But i can open them .

Merge Flash and HTML5 means that the tour can automatically tell your broswer . If you view it by IE it will show the flash but if you use iPad or iPhone ,it will show HTML5 tour .

so it is very useful for different broswers .

Best regards