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Issue since I change lens

Have a Canon Rebel T3I and I Bower fish eye (180) lens and it works fine, besides the fact that it does no give me a true 180 hence I have a huge hole top and bottom so I have to take an extra top shot. I Got a Sigma 8mm 1:4 EX (180). It give me a true 180 and now do not have to do the top shot, I just tilt the camera about 10 degrees and I get the top and still have a smaller hole at the bottom where I just place a logo.

The issue is this, with my sigma lens, I always get a little point in the ceiling looking like a paper crease (See image)

Anyone having this issue too. It happens in both PW 7.x and 8.x

Thank you
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It is likely to do with lens Vignetting and the lack of image correction. The f/4.0 version of the Sigma 8mm suffered quite badly from this Vignetting issue. The much newer f/3.5 version doesn't suffer this effect.

That said, you can correct for the Vignetting with proper RAW file developing.

You may also find that using Smartblend as the blender it not as good in this Zenith area as the default Easypano blender.

This all is assuming you have shot the images with the exact same settings. All should have the same Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance and ISO settings.

Another way to fix this is convert to cube faces and open the Zenith cube in Photoshop and correct the area with the healing brush tool.

Anyway, what you have is nothing new. All of us have had to deal with these type of issues over the years.

Regards, Smooth [8D]