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Creating Little planet panorama on Mac

Dear Easypano Friends,

In order to fulfill requirement of Easypano users, a new product has been released and two programs are updated.

Panoweaver 8.20 for Macintosh

Now you can stitch and create little planet panorama on your Macintosh computer with the industry leading photo stitching software Panoweaver 8. It has almost the identical features as Windows version and its player engine has been upgraded to Flash Player 11. The installer can be downloaded via

More info can be found in our website news:

Panoweaver 8.20 for Windows

Features of this updated edition can be found below:

[-] Address blank screen fault of Flash player in Chrome browser (11.3.31 or later version) when switching between full screen/normal.
[-] Address the problem of deleting user customized points.

[*] Optimized program file path which avoids the file written error caused by low-privileged access.

Download link:

Tourweaver 7 for Windows

Builder: 7.00.120914

Features updated:

[-]Fixed bug in little planet
[-]Address the viewing problem in latest Chrome at full screen mode

Download link:

Please download the new installer to experience the products. However, it is strongly suggested that the license key must be transferred in help menu before you alter the installer.

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It his good to know that the Chrome problem in viewing on full screen mode has been fixed.