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Custom Export Settings

When I check the "custom" box for exporting my panos, it only lets me change the width.  How do I get it so the height is not greyed out?  I have been trying to increase the quality of my files.  It's been confusing since my exports on Ptgui are perfect then the same process on Panoweaver yields mediocre results.  The images going in are very good, but what comes out is average.  For the price of this software I am hoping I am doing something wrong and this is not the best it can do.
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Assuming your input image is proper 360x180 Spherical/Equirectangular you only need to adjust the width as the height will auto change because the aspect ratio stays the same 2:1

If you have a partial panorama, even a 360° Cylindrical panorama you will need to check what "type" the panorama image is being classed by Panoweaver and adjust if it got it wrong.

Regards, Smooth

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I set it to the "print" setting and since that is 100% x 100% preset it helped mine a lot!