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Various issues with Panoweaver

1) The most annoying thing is when I import a JPG panoramic image, do my work, then I save the project in a file. When I reopen Panoweaver and load the, the software asks for a pano.tif file, not existent on my system (it looks in panoweaver temp folder). I redid three times the project from scratch due to this bug. Anyway, hotspots aren't saved on disk.

2) Even if you specify a big hit area for hotspots, only the central gif will be clickable. Even worse, on mobile devices you cannot swipe on the whole hotspot area...

3) Please see on iPhone, it is terrible when reorienting. I tried online demos on and they haven't any sort of problem. It is due to the fact I disabled the zoom? (I specified min/initial/max fov all equals).

4) Images popped up on hotspots won't resize if bigger than screen.

5) HTML5 version won't work at all in IE11 on Win7. It shows a message asserting that the viewer is compatible with IE 10 ad above (I'm IE11 and all browser plugins are disabled). I personally fixed this specific issue by editing the load.js file. Now the best version is selected on each browser.
6) I choose output in format "merge html5 / Flash vr" but on all PC browser the system chooses to use Flash, that has very poor performances in Chrome, even with a simple low res image with no hotspots (in Chrome is almost unusable, acceptable on Safari and Firefox, perfect on IE). Using HTML5 on the same Chrome works very fast! The choose between html5 and Flssh should definitely be reconsidered. I personally edited load.js to change this behavior.

For now the biggest problems for me are the 1) and 3). I must switch to other softwares if I cannot find a solution (krPano seems promising).

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dear customer, thank you for the detail feedback, we will tell our developers to improve the Panoweaver as to fit your needs better.