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Poor Image Quality when using Gyroscope Feature

I am using Panoweaver 9.1 and using high quality, high resolution images 10000px x 5000px.

When I use the gyroscope function on iPhone, the initial image quality looks great.  However when I rotate (gyroscopically) to another part of my panorama, the image quality is horrible and does not refresh/reload/update.  It is only after I touch my screen that the image quality improves back to 100%.  

Please see attached images for quality issues.

Can you please help me determine what is causing this?

Is there a simple line of code that can be added to the .js file that can prevent this from happening in the future?  Ideally, I would like the pano scene to load at 100% at all 360 degrees of viewing angle.  However, if that is not readily do-able, I would at least like the image to refresh as it does when using touch & drag.

Thank you,


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Hi Mike,
The whole scene will not be loaded at the same time. The view window part is loaded first, then when you turn on the gyro function and rotate to another part, that part where you rotate to need to load, so it's blurry at the beginning, after you touch the screen, it's kinda like refresh, it's clear.
I will talk with our developer team about optimizing the loading principle.
Thanks for your feedback!
If you have any other questions,please contact with me. My Skype is easypanosales, whatsapp is +86 18580840323.It's my pleasure to be of help.
Best Regards,