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Nikon D40X Lens and Rotator ??

I have a Nikon D40x and need to get setup to take high res 360 degree photos. I will be getting either one of these lenses
- Nikon Fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX
- Sigma Fisheye 8mm f/3.5 EX DG Circular Fisheye Autofocus Lens for Nikon AF

Also I am confused about all the different rotators. I just want the simplest rotator that will be easy to setup and once it is setup it will not need calibrated every time I use it.

I am only familiar with the old cradle type rotors (Nikon coolpix 800) from iPix several years ago. 2 Photo Circular Fisheye images.

Any difference in the 2 lenses I listed above? Will one work better than the other?

What rotator is easy to setup and doesn't need to be calibrated each time you use it?

I will be using the easypano software and will be mostly taking photos as a hobby.
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G'day SD360,

Welcome to the Easypano's forums.

Using the Nikon D40 you can use the Agnos MrotatorUM or Nodal Ninja 3 because the camera body is light and it can use either of the two lenses you mention.

The Nikkor 10.5mm is a sharper higher quality lens that requires 6+2 or 6+TB if you like making a minimum of 8 shots (Full Frame). Where as, the Sigma 8mm F/3.5 is a very good quality lens that will require a minimum of 4 shots (Drum) with the option of shooting 4+2 or even 6+2.

Understand that the Sigma is a circular fisheye and the Nikkor is a Full Frame fisheye. Meaning: The Sigma is 180 degrees circular and the Nikkor 180 degrees on the diagonal.

Using either of the two mentioned panoheads you shouldn't have any real issue setting up each time once you know the numeral settings. Both are light weight and great for travel. Both have click stops. Though the MrotatorUM has click stops on both arms.

Regards, Smooth


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Hey SD360-
   It wasn't but a couple months ago I was in the same confused position that you are in.
   I recently purchased the nikon d80 with a nikkor 10.5mm lens and the Nodal Ninja 3.I love my new setup. No problems whatsoever. If I'm in a big hurry I can manage to take all 6+3 shots in under 60 sec.(I don't recommend doing it that fast though.) I have been taking 2 bottom shots and merging them together in photoshop to help get rid of the bracket arm and tripod. You can pick up the nodal ninja 3 for $200 compared to $268.93US ,but the click stops on the MrotatorUM camera arm sound nice. The Nodal Ninja 3 comes with rail stops to keep you camera in the same position every time. Good Luck I feel you pain.
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I think the MrotatorU M 

where the Rotator M is limitied to 3 clickstops at 120 degrees.

The new Rotator T does the multiple click stops.  This one is similar to the rotator that came with the Mrotator TCPshort.  Main difference between the old and new rotator T is.. the T's click stop is significantly more pronounced ... this one is REALLY a click -- STOP sound and feel that uses a larger knob and uses a spring loaded steel ball bearing very positive 'stop'.

And the MrotatorU basic bracket is about 1/2 the weight as the TCPshort.  Yes the new Mrotator U fits the rotator (3 screws) that came with the TCPshort.

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