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Hi realtor jerry, I totally agree with what you say. I was kind of hoping that the kit was seriously cheaper and worth taking the risk but as it turns out its more expensive! Still the Chinese grub is very cheap but I have to admit I had to turn away a plate of chicken feet tonight, that pushed my culinary exploits to far.

From Aus we head back to Spain via London and with the January sales I should be able to bag a bargain. If something goes wrong them its not too much grief to get sorted.

Thanks again for the 2 cents worth - I need it :)

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If you are a company... (collect sales tax) IF you had enough revenue from your business you could possible declare the camera as a business expense for federal income tax purposes.  You use the camera equipment in the process of producing a product  for which you sell to your client.  You can write off a depreciated (over 5 years) amount on your business income tax.  After a few years the camera now is free and producing income/ profit.

Other side of the coin is.. after 5 years.. the camera is severely out of date but still taking great imaging.  On the other hand your product price should contain a tiny over head amount for equipment and software upgrade and replacement expenses.

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