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Agnos Pole Users

Thinking of getting the "Big Agnos Pole" and wanted to hear some feedback before purchase.

Do those of you using the pole like it? Would you buy it again? Can you share some examples?

I will be doing some pano work for my church in the coming months. The pastor asked me about doing the sanctuary with or with out people. With out people I think I would be fine using my tripod. With people I think it would be beneficial to use the pole.

Not sure I need to go with the longest, as it is pretty pricey Not sure that I would even use it again after the sanctuary job?

Just want to hear from the pro's here if it is something you would purchase again.

Thanks guys,

Dave, I would love to see the inside of your church with the pole set this possible for you to do?
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Agnos has embarked on a new range of poles that I'm not familiar with. The poles I have are from their first release as I was a beta tester. The originals were made of fiberglass and the top of the range (then) carbon fiber. The system works well enough as I'm sure the later current releases would also.

You will not have a great deal of success stitching with Panoweaver though, as the pole do flex and sway around a bit meaning you will have parallax errors as well as yaw issue. That's not to say you won't get a result with Panoweaver the issue will become how to straighten the final panorama and how you will deal with the other movement that will happen. Personally I used PTGui to stitch these as it needs manual manipulation.

Can't say I have done all that much with them to be honest. I did quite a few early on until (whilst beta testing) I had the pole sections collapse and chop a good chunk of my left index finger out (not off) and I still bare the scar and occasional pain. This issue was later corrected with stop pins. Unfortunately for my finger it is too late.

I can't remember if I have any of them online. Hmm, maybe was my demo sample from 2006.

I'm sure Dave will have something to show and Gary in England had some decent results also.

I also have done quite a few high-ish panoramas using an elevated monopod as can be seen in my 2008 Australia Day panorama.

I'm sure the need will arise for me again, I just have had so many different things going on in my life I have been side tracked. Buying from Agnos has always been professional and I wouldn't hesitate recommending the product or service.

Regards, Smooth

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Thanks for the info Smooth

Sure hate to hear about your finger Thanks for beta testing though so my finger won't get hurt

Think I may have to hold off on the pole. With your information I would also have to use PTGui for stitching. Not to mention the cost of the pole... They are really proud of that thing!

Just don't how much I would use it?

Thanks again for the info.

From my family to yours, we hope you have a happy and blessed new year.

Best regards,