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New start on a budget

I have been thinking about 360 tours.Unfortunately on a budget.

I have seen this camera Nikon D40 on Amazon 225.00. originally 440.00.
It gets good reviews but does not warrant a mention on this board.
I do not want to waste money on a camera that is not up to the task.

Also I have seen lenses that allow a 360 degree image with one shot,
but everyone here recommends fish eye lenses.

Help most appreciated.
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Welcome Baz

Check out this post

It references some D40 questions, though a bit old 10/2007, but it should get you a starting point. Also read the forums "Smooth360, Pixelator, Realtor Jerry" will be a BIG help.


Good Luck in your new adventure

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Hi Baz and welcome to the forum. PLEASE stay away from the one-shot, but if you have to have one I have one for sale, camera, lens, adapter and everything needed. You can get fair results from a one-shot but trust all of us on this forum "you will want to upgrade" just as soon as you see the limitations of the lens. I'm not that familiar with the Nikon D40 and the compatibility with Easypano products. I think it should work fine, not sure if you would need the Nikon 10.5 or the Sigma 8 lens. Do a search on the forum and you will find tons of great information on equipment needed and recommended.
Please let the forum know what set-up you decide on before you purchase so the members can let you know the pro's and con's before you waste money...
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G'day Baz,

The Nikon D40 as an entry level DSLR is OK and can be used to make panoramas. You will need either the Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye or Sigma 8mm Fisheye. Don't bother with the One-Shot (unless you want to buy Jerry's!). Seriously you will find it's limitations real fast and will be wanting for more within days.

Understand the Nikon D40 is a limited camera (not in numbers) but in features. It doesn't have and bracketing feature. I once owned a Nikon D40x, I purchased it to help others who were using Nikon's but soon found it wasn't being used and all the people I was teaching were using superior models that had completely different menu structure and features. So I quickly upgraded to the D300.

Please ready this thread for alternate advise.

Regards, Smooth