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Does Easypano work with a Sony A100 SLR?

I have a Sony A100 SLR camera with a 11mm lens. With EasyPano work with this camera?

I would like to shoot in RAW format.

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At this stage Panoweaver requires a Fisheye lens or the Canon 10-20mm Wide Angle lens set at 10mm. Your Sony fitted with a Sigma 8mm would work fine with Panoweaver. Support for direct stitching of Sony RAW file will be limited but converting the Sony RAW to Adobe .DNG will cover this issue. Adobe DNG Converter is a free software download.

When Panoweaver 6.0 is released there is talk of multirow stitching.

Of course Easypano Tourweaver works with stitched images so you can stitch your images with any stitching software you like and import them into Tourweaver to create a virtual tour.

Regards, Smooth