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Ring for the Sigma 8mm f3,5D

Hi. I currently have an JTS-Rotator SPH that I purchased from Easypano a couple of years ago for my Nikon D80 camera and Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG Fisheye lens.

It has been an issue using this rotator.
  • First of all the base of the rotator has a larger fixing hole than that of the tripod's screw, and I had to invent and adapt an attachment to make it work.

  • Second, it is VERY heavy. Even for my sturdy Sunpak 7575 tripod, the rotator plus the camera makes it tilt and feels it might break someday. Also, since it's so heavy, it's a hassle to carry around for the shootings..

I am looking around to replace such a bulky rotator. I have asked AGNOS and they recomend me the RingT8S35 with RotatorM or T (Agnos RingT8S35)

Will this be a good option, or what other option will anyone suggest?
Nikon D80
Sigma 8mm EX DG Fisheye lens
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The Ring lens clamp panohead with rotator is indeed to the solution to your problem. Kit Head 1 will be totally suitable unless you require a "lock" and in that case you would need the Kit Head 2

Regards, Smooth