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10,5 mm lens ceiling and floor?

hi all, who can help me out with this...
i bought a 10,5 mm nikkor for my D80. i tried to make a 360 with panoweaver. but i can not see the floor or the ceiling in portrait format? only when i take first a pic at -30 and the next at 30 and this 6 times around. but what when there are people or cars in the background? or is it something i have to put in at panoweaver?
thnx in advance
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You should be able to take 6 around at 60 degrees each. Start at 0 then 60, 120 and so on until you get to 300 degrees. While still at 300 turn 90 degrees straight up and take a shot. If you want the bottom then while still at 300 turn all the way down and take the last shot. I use the 10.5 but I don't take the bottom shot I just use a tripod cap. I stitch with Panoweaver5 and use the setting 6+T.
This is all assuming that the D80 is the same as the D300 I use.
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