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Spheron SpheroCam Pano Camera For Sale

The camera is in mint condition and was only used for a period of two years. The camera was recently shipped over to Spheron in Germany to have the firmware upgraded and also had the motor, gears and clutch upgraded as well. Since the refurbishment I havent used the camera. It is in perfect working order. Included in the kit is all the original software CD's, manuals and all original equipment that came with the camera. There are no scratches or dents on the camera casing, its perfect, and the glass element inside the camera is clear and in perfect condition. There are a few scuff marks on the battery casing but nothing major. There are a few scratches on the manfrotto tripod but they are from normal wear and tear. The hard Pelican case is in good condition. Looking to send this camera to a good home. These cameras are built to order and don't come up for sale very often!

The Spheron SpheroCam camera is the perfect tool for photographers who want to capture full spherical images with ultra-high resolution and the highest quality. The SpheroCam is fully operated via the intuitive interface of Spheron's specially developed operating software. While rotating around its vertical axis, the unique colour sensor captures the surrounding scenery in vertical scan lines. Pixel by pixel. From floor to ceiling, or from the ground to the blue sky.

The results can be inspected in real-time on the driving laptop's display during the scan. The built-in post-processing engine comes with optimized algorithms for ultimate image quality. Capture a fully spherical 360 x 180 panoramic image in one scan. No stitching required!

Full spherical digital images (360x180) in a single rotational pass
Dynamic range of 12-f stops
Highest-quality images with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels! (5,300x 10,600 pixels)
48-bit (3 x 16 bits RGB) colour depth per pixel
Fast operation and scanning time
Auto post-processing
Also perfectly suited for cylindrical panoramas with longer focal lengh lenses

Intuitive user software interface on attached laptop display designed for reliable, easy and fast image capturing, preview and storage.
Significant time and cost savings compared to conventional techniques - one scan and it is all done. No stitching required therefore no stitching errors or mismatching seams. No problems with geometric or colorimetric inaccuracy.
Certainty of results: quick preview check on the laptop display.
Create a virtual tour of a location or scene which allows the viewer to look around, zoom in, to examine details in compete 360 x 180.

Spheron SpheroCam camera
2 USB camera cables
Rechargeable studio power supply
AC/DC battery charger
2 tripod mounting clamps
Nikon Nikkor AF D 16mm 2.8 diagonal fisheye lens
White balance cap
Pelican Camera Case Black
Manfrotto 055CLB Tripod Black
Manfrotto 029 tripod head
Manfrotto Mbag 100 padded tripod bag
2x CD-Rom with Spheron software + lens data

Will ship anywhere within Australia or overseas for additional fee.

For any questions or to see photos of the kit, please email
For the highest quality virtual tours around visit!