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Kidan/Nikon FC-E9/Nikon D5000 for sale

I've only shot 3 homes for realtors in the last two years, and I have decided to to get a "real job," you know, the type with a paycheck and benefits!

This set up has served me well, but I know that it is a long way from state of the art, and that Kidan is out of business. not sure how well you can see in this photo but I had to build up a quick release plate to get the lens axis over the center line and the uptown PVC pipe is there to keep the lens from drooping without having to over torque the tripod mounting screw. I also have the full set of indexing rings for the rotator.

The lens is clean with no scratches, no idea how many shots though the camera. I use to shoot it with flash but settled on shooting 3x3, setting the exposure for the interior and than shooting +2 and -2.
Here are some examples:

Tour 1

Tour 2

I'm looking for $350.00us + shipping or best reasonable offer. I would split, but only after I get offers for all the spilt out parts