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thanks alot
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The Pentax KX is an APS-C sized sensor.
The Sigma 4.5mm Fisheye will give a full round circular image.
A lot of the sensor area will be lost to black wasting pixels.
But this means you can shoot a full panorama with as little as 3 shots.
The final panorama will be inferior to that from the 10-17mm Fisheye in quality and maximum file size. You though, might find it an acceptable trade off.

The better choice in my eyes is the Sigma 8mm Fisheye.
Using this Fisheye on the APS-C sensor camera gives you a "drum" images. A lot less area is wasted to black and you will complete a full panorama with just one more shot. 4 shots rotational shots. You will also yield a larger maximum panorama image.

Regards, Smooth
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Right. It is expensive and you don't even know if it really works since you can't depend on Amazon reviews these days.