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low light shooting

hi easypano friends,

if you have any previous experience in shooting panorama for a hotel room please help wich is the best camera settings for the low light in the hotel room!

i use nikon d90 with nikkor fisheye 10,5 lens.

thank you.

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Please, if someone could help, I have a question related: Someone can tell me if the use of a flash in low light conditions might prejudice the outcome of the panorama. Nikon D5100 + Nikkor 10.5 fisheye and thinking about a SB-700 or even a SB-400 as I not that professional to spend a lot.Thanks a lot.

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Never use a flash to create a virtual tour! You could never get the exposure to match and it would look awful.

I am a Canon man and use a 5D mkIII so can only speak from my experience. You can set your aperture to around 5.6 and if the room is empty then you can take the shutter speed right down to 1-2 seconds as long as you are using a remote shutter release. ISO of 1000? It depends on your camera and I'd have a try at home first to see how much noise the different ISO levels give.

Hope that helps and please don't use a flash.

Adrian Salisbury