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Nikon D7100 with Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Lens with for PanoWeaver?

I currently have a Canon 50D and Sigma 8mm

I want to continue using 4 spherical shots to make a full 360x180 shot. I use a graphic for floor and ceiling as shown below so top and bottom are not needed. I currently use panoweaver 5. I own newer versions but nothing stitches better than 5 for fast hassle free stitching.

Does anyone know if Nikon D7100 and Rokinson 8mm lens will work with panoweaver? I am making the equipment change after seeing better images on EP-Sky. I choose the D7100 for its dynamic range specs. It is 3 or more steps more in dynamic range. Right now I use promote control taking 15 jpegs each shot. I need to speed that up with hopefully just 2 RAW. I spend too much time taking shots of entire houses. Plus less chance of moving elements causing ghosting for beach scenes. The Sigma lens is recommed on this site but it has issues with being soft on outer part of the shot. It is noticable in my shots. I just overlooked it for years.