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does any one have a sample project file of panoweaver
In the shooting process (the help manual) says  " For indoor shooting , you may take a pano shoot about every 30~40 cm. What does it indicate ??

If the path i am traveling  is 10 Meter long in straignt line, then how many panos do i need to shoot ?   start *-------------------------------------* END
Can some one share their experience ?


pan 2 pano
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The more you take the cleaner the movement and experience will be for the people viewing. I should think one every meter would give a good result.

Regards, Smooth

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The shorter the path, the more natural it appears but there is a trade off : the loading process and all companies offering this type of service are facing the same problem : you can take a pano each 50 cm if wanted but you have to limit the numbers of nodes otherwise it's just not bearable for the enduser.

There is a usual "maximum" number of panos but I won't communicate it because of competition. (I am a current user and bought the panowalker licence)

You have to try by yourself and check the loading process.