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thanks a lot; it is a good news; but I don´t understand why you didn´t do anything about problem view virtualtour in a android smartphone; I know it is a problem of flash; but, why don´t yo give us unless what we have to insert in index (javascript) that when virtualtour  detect  it is a android it goes to a new folder for android smartphone ( with tw 6.5) .

It is a big problem for people ( like me) that don´t know anything about javascript; for example, this is my main index:



   <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Tourweaver">




     <script type="text/javascript">

var _url="";

var _bi=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();


if(_bi.indexOf("iphone")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipad")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipod")>0) _url="html5/sample1.html";

else _url="flash/index.html";




In this index that lane is for safari ; but can we add a new line here or in the index of flash folder that when it detect it is a smartphone it goes to mobile android folder?.

could you tell me what li

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Hello! "it is an uplifting news; however I don't comprehend why you didn't take care of issue see virtualtour in an android cell phone; I know it is an issue of blaze; in any case, for what reason don't yo give us unless what we need to embed in record (javascript) that when virtualtour recognize it is an android it goes to another organizer for android cell phone" - - the problem has been fixed. Please read previous threads, our essay typer has worked on the problem.