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Tourweaver 7.5 Beta has been released.

Dear All,

This is to inform you that Tourweaver 7.5 Beta for Windows has been released and you're welcome to have a try. If you already have a license for Tourweaver 7 Pro, you can transfer the license and use it to activate this new update. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a message at Easypano Helpdesk.

Easypano Tourweaver 7.50 win, December-21-2012

Builder: 7.50.121221 Download

[+]Exporting JpegXR format image, downsizing at most 40% of original scene size.
[+]Optimized loading speed of flash VR, improving at most 30% loading speed.
[+]20000×10000 spherical scene(15000×7500 on Windows XP at most) is supported. The number of this kind of images in a single project should not be more than 15.
[+]New effect:
Fly-out Media.
Hotspot perspective transition effect is supported, embedding the hotspot into scene like that in reality.
[+]Optimized little planet effect.
[+]GPS data can be used to locate the scene on Google map.
[+]Supports resuming auto rotation after a few seconds customized in publish menu.
[+]Setting cursor drag parameter is supported in publish menu.
[+]New scene transition effect: Page turning.

New features in Html5:
[+]Chrome browser is supported.
[+]Audio file is supported.
[+]Compass is supported.
[+]Combobox is supported.
[+]Listbox is supported.
[+]More actions are supported.
[+]Gyro effect is supported.
[+]More scene transition effects are added.
[-]Fixed issue of no encrypted images when selecting “slice display”.

Best Regards,

Easypano Marketing Team

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