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Tourweaver7.70 pro for win is officially released

Tourweaver 7.70 Pro for Win mainly focuses on improvingvisual experience and whole functionality of the software. Even without anyprogramming skill, you can download the free trial and create fantastic interactive virtual tour right now.

Totally free forTourweaver 7.X users! According to our license policy,  users of Tourweaver 7.X Pro for Win can transfer license key in help menu of activated program and activate Tourweaver7.70 Pro for Win with the same license key.

What's new :

Improved features:

[*] Greatly improved tour publish speed.
[*] Dragging scene in HTML 5 tours become smoother.
[*] Optimize Gyro effect of HTML 5 tours.
[*] Optimize FOV effect in switching between landscape and portrait mode.
[*] Autorotation of HTML5 tours is supported again.
[*] Optimize the Full Screen toolbar for PC, tablets and smart phones.
[*] Optimize sound playing mechanism.
[*] Support IE 11.

Fixed Bugs

[-] Address the problem of playing Youtube video on some devices.