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Startup Install Learning Curve Basics

Does anyone have problems installing and understanding anything about JAVA JRE 1.3 which is required for the Scripter to run? It doesn't look like a normal program install to me. The start menu only shows a link back to the Sun Java page. I believe this may be linked to the mystery of why my system seems to do nothing when attempting to run the Scripter program for Panoweaver. I'm running WindowsXP Pro in case that is any help in weeding out the problem.

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I apologized for not making it clear in our website and our

The steps to run PTViewer Scripter are as follows:

1.Downlaod JRE1.3.1
It is available at
JRE1.3.1 is the running environment for PTViewer Scripter since PTViewer
Scripter is developed with Java 2. JRE1.3.1 must be installed before
running PTViewer Scripter

2.Download PTViewer Scripter at

3.Install JRE1.3.1 in your computer

4.Install PTViewer Scripter in your computer

5.Double click PTViewer Scripter logo in your desktop to run it.

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