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P.S. On another note - a basic question about pano buttons.

How do you slow down the zoom and pan speed when a button is pressed?  I know how to slow down the auto pan - but there doesn't seem to be an option for activated buttons.

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In the ShotSpot string for the < and > arrows [These are from my pano page}

<PARAM name = shotspot0 value = " x323 y230 a343 b250 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(-0.2,0,1.0)' ">
 <PARAM name = shotspot1 value = " x344 y230 a364 b250 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.2,0,1.0)' ">

These parameter over ride the normal initial view AUTO param.

Note (pan_inc,tilt_inc,zoom) values.  inc means increment or step. The pan increment can be a negative value so -0.2 means to rotate to the left at 2ths of a degree per second.  A positive value is rotating to the right.

The middle value for TILT default value 0 is pointing directly to center of the image on the horizon (50% down from the top of the image).  So when you change the value from 0 to -10 it will rotate and tilt down 10 degrees [recommended for special situations only].  Since its an INCREMENT value the NEXT button click.. it will increment by 10 more or step once again from its last tilt down value (accumulated 20 degrees).

And the last value is Zoom  so you can increment (step in farther with each zoom in button press)  Zoom in/out  Default is 1.0 or normal.

Oh and for music or audio I would suggest using a FLASH streaming MP3 [made using Swish] music loop rather than a 'full length song'. 

There are sample ON/OFF buttons in the library.  Yes, it gets rather hard hearing the audio over and over... sometimes need peace and quiet - so click on the OFF button. 

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