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Viewer quality question..

I've been reading the other thread which comments on the file size of the viewer and would like to pass comment / pose a question:

I wrote to CD a 6 pano file of a house inside and out. It doesn't seem to give a large file size or high resolution, even if I deselect the 'turn bitmap to jpeg' button and save at all the highest settings. My 77 Mb tour doesn't seem to give a particularly good resolution. In fact on my 512 Mb ram PC, the low res Jpeg tour at 750kb is of lower quality, but not that much different.

Secondly, when I run the CD on friend's pc's with less than 128MB ram, the tours are jerky, slow and the scenes exhibit pixelation and general image breakdown, especially areas of constant colour such a a painted interior wall. The low res version is very poor.

Is that simply as good as it gets? Am I doing something wrong? I made the two tours back to back of the same scenes. One is all Bitmap, CD size etc, adjusted and sharpened using curves and unsharp mask. The other tour is the same scenes, same treatment, but resized to 1500 x 700 and converted to Jpeg using 'save for web' in Photoshop.

My thought was to apply large amounts of unsharp mask, but that won't cure the image breakdown.

I'd like to think that the finished tour would run OK and just about any PC, as the work is for a mailer for a client and I have no control over where they might be viewed.

Have I bought the wrong software?

Thoughts anyone?

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Please upload you .exe's so we can take a look.

Very hard to comment without a sample of your problem.

Regards, Smooth