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You should push "stop" on the movie before closing the pop-up window. This is why I suggested having controls via the wrapper/container of the flash movie.

As for the "other" guy. There are many more powerful Flash viewers on the market (I know, I use them) but they do NOT have the friendliness of Tourweaver. If you are into hand coding nothing is stopping you.

On top of the "others" you also have open source panorama flash code. No doubt where many Flash writers/coders go to learn even Easypano and mash into their own developments.

Regards, Smooth
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I used to had code everything with PTviewer. I'm not going to do that ever again. I'll take TW5 (or TW3) over anything right now. Even with its quirks.

Depending on if TW5 is updated I may indeed have to create a wrapper and urge visitors to stop playback before closing the window. Not ideal but better than nothing I suppose.

Would there be anyway to evoke javascript on a close pop up button that would stop playback? I suppose any javascript is designed to manipulate events outside of the TW viewer, not internally.
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Good to know that the presentation of 'thedhgroup' went OK.

About the soundtrack that does not stop. Even in a Virtual Tour of Easypano itself, there is the same problem in the flashvideo  in the scene: movie-center. When you close the Popup window the sound will not stop. When you click the StopSound-button at the bottom all sound will stop and when you press this button again you hear the sound of the flashmovie as background. When the loading of the Tour is fast enough and you can open the Popup with the backgroundmusic still playing, you hear the two soundtracks at the same time. Try this in:

I mentioned this earlier in this Forum and I also have reported this to the support of Easypano. I got some reply from Genseng of Easypano, but I'm afraid my English is too bad because I think they don't understand what I mean. Perhaps one of you can give it a try ?

It would be good to have an action in Javascript to close the soundtrack of the flashvideo.