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Just an average tour

The link below will lead you to a rather average tour, nothing spectacular. If anything it symbolizes a "new beginning". I think I've finally figured out all the things TW5 can do by fiddling with all the knobs and buttons in the Gui. TW3 was great. TW5 is better with the features.
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Hardly say it was "average". Very slick.

Noticed you have page counters for each of your tours. How would I go about embedding the counters within my VR's?

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Hi, Wayne!

If you want a counter, this can help:

Regards, Martin

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Thanks Martin, that's pretty slick. If I use the same code on all my tours then it will be giving a count of a total of hits for ALL tours with the code. If I want it to just count each tour separately how would I do that? Would I have to get a new code for each tour with the URL for each tour?


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