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New tourweaver 5.0 Tour

Nice tour.  I really like the quality of the panos.

I might make the scene viewer just a bit taller...but this is just my preference.

You made a cameo apperance in the master bedroom shot

What camera and lens are you using for the pano's?

What stitching software and blender are you using?



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Nice tour, I do agree with Rob that you need to make the viewer taller. It's like you are having to "peek" in to view the house. I am viewing on a 17" wide screen laptop.
Also noticed that when I clicked on the slide show I could not find a way to get out of it. Suggest a big X to close it out.
There are no control/navigation buttons on the 360's. My suggestion is at the very least you need a "auto play" button to get it going after one interrupts the show. 
Thanks for sharing.
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Quite a few cameo appearances but very nice quality - whats your set up/work flow?
I too would like to see a taller viewer - its a bit like looking through a letterbox