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Pano and macs

I haven't ever done a virtual tour, I usually do web design more basic html and flash. I had approached the owner of the condos that I live at because they didn't have a site and I am trying to research the reality of how it is to turn out as far as price to give him the virtual tour that he wants, and I have looked at other sites, I found easypano through the quicktime site.
I am an Apple user and I am going to be the one doing the virtual tour, I just have to come up with pricing for a camera and the kit (which I see is sold out) and I can't really do the panoramic without the kit right? I have looked at other products and they aren't compatible with macs so I am concerned, i want to keep this guy because he has other properties he would like to show eventually and well I think it would be a great learning experience.
If its best to call the support line thats cool I just thought I would get your opinion.
I really really appreciate your time, I read through some of these posts and everyone seems to really help each other out, maybe eventually i can be part of the help once I can figure out what I am doing.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find a solution and I can pull this off.
Thanks again for your time

Molly Garvey
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Buy a MrotatorTCPS panohead from

Buy either a Canon 350D or Canon 20D and Sigma 8mm Fisheye Lens or Nikon D70s and Sigma 8mm or Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye Lens.

Wack it all on top of a good quality sturdy tripod Manfrotto - Gitzo - Velbon etc.

Stitch the images with Panoweaver and make a tour with Tourweaver.

Come to the forum with questions and read previous posts for already covered questions that have been answered.

Regards, Smooth

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Whilst you can use Panoweaver on Mac and thus create 360 panos for posting to the web, you cant use Tourweaver on native Mac OSX. However, you can run it on Virtual PC, albeit slowly, personally I wouldnt bother. I am not aware of any decent Java VT software currently that operates on OSX, however you can put together a QT tour using PW and a prog called Cubic Connector Link to Cubic Connector which is a piece of really good and inexpensive kit to have anyway.

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Unless you really plan on doing many tours, you might be better off to hire someone to shoot/stitch the panos for you. There is a learning curve to doing it right. Trying to do it right for a live project thay may have a fast-apporaching deadline, might be a bit stressfull on you. But it's up to you.

Once you get the panos, the code to embed a tour into your html is fairly simple.