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Hi tdmerch,

I assume you have registered at the WWP and have received your USERID and Password.

You mentioned having already taken your Borders single images.  That is good.  From the 1 original image set  you will need to create 2 spherical pano equirectangular files. Let me see if I can simplify the WWP instructions

Stitch: [stitched pano's should be close to dimensions below]

Standard    3216 wide x 1608 high
Full Screen 6000 wide x 3000 high

Using pano2qtvr specify

Standard: Cube faces 1024 output viewer size 570 x 320
Check to make sure the resulting .mov is between 500 to 700kb

Full Screen: Cube faces 1908 output viewer size 570 x 320
Check to make sure the resuliting .mov is less than 2mb

Full screen.. the automated WWP web page will actually view this .mov at 1000 high x 1200 pixels

Now you have the standard .mov pano file say 600kb and the full screen pano less than 2mb files to upload to the WWP preparation server.  Both these files should be on your local hard drive.

Log into the preparation server, enter your userID and password.  This should  take you to "About the Photographer" page where you enter certain information about your self.  There should be a clickable link that says "Enter the WWP Borders".  Click that and a new page comes up.  You enter information about items like "title of your entry", location, UPLOAD Standard .mov, UPload Full Screen .mov, Geographic location coordinates Lat/Long Elevation, Equipment used to take the panoarma, short text narrative description etc.

For UPloading the Standard and Full screen just click and it will let you browse to your hard drive folder and .mov file... point to your panorama .mov and click  and it will automatically start uploading the panorama. Do the same for the full screen panorama.

Once you have uploaded your standard and full screen .mov... the WWP automation does all the rest.. like creating your unique "about the photographer", standard pano and full screen pano pages.

UPloading the files must be done by March 29 close of business midnight California time.  So if you need more help.. please lets talk and I can work with you and the WWP [yes I have talked with them before helping others get the content moved up to the prep server].



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