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Hi there

I only use TW and MW but they are both very good. My wish list would include...


TW - Please let me add in still images in their own box so if im in a pano shot I can bring still image hotspots in that box rather than in the main screen. 

TW - Still dont REALLY understand the 'movie' thing

TW - Bringing the file size up from 30mb would be really useful

TW - Could this produce linked tours which could be used in Macromedia Director - ie maybe in QT? Don't know if QT would allow this though...

TW - Maybe sound files could be added as a seperate issue so that their sizes aren't included in the present 30mb effective size.

MW - I need to make models of things I cant get a 360 rotation on - could I put 'stops' on either side so that they don't link over?

MW - Could we 'up' the effective filesize here too please?

MW - Could we be able to add this to TW tours somehow?

Hope this helps!
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Please let me add justified text in the text boxes on TW!
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I work for an IT firm.
Photography is a hobby of mine and we were asked to create some virtual tours for one of our clients. After doing lots of research I decided on panoweaver.

It's very easy to use. Now although i'm new to it these features would be great -

Panoweaver :- the ability to work with RAW files. especially in terms of smoothing out minor light fluctuations across shots.

Not sure how difficult it is but the ability to cut and paste correctly exposed windows into pictures would be great!

The ability to stich multiple outputs i.e one click and I get 3 different quality panos:- one for web broadband one for dialup and a full screen all singing and dancing to put on a CD. - This would be a massive time saver.

Tourweaver :- just make it so we can configure more stuff. I'm not keen on the whole tour being java based if you could bring in the option to export tours as exe's it'd be great again for putting onto CD's.

a loading screen between images would be nice. I could use larger panos then. the delay between the opening of scenes makes users think it's gone wrong.

More information on publishing tours - this may be my inexperince but I had problems just copying and pasting the link. I had to copy and paste the whole header, where as it'd be nice to embed the tour into an existing html page rather than have it as a seperate popup - This is prob already possible somehow I expect.

Please feel free to email me though

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Another Tourweaver suggestion,

When defining custom color I would like to have the ability to define a color using web hexadecimal codes in addition to Hue,Sat,Lum and R,G,B. I work with the web all the time and match my tours to the .css of my sites. Currently I need to use a program like Photoshop to convert the colors to the R,G,B from the codes on my site.

Just a thought.

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I spoke to a client yesterday who is using one of my virtual tours on a touch screen computer and there are a few things which needed altering. One I can't find a work through for...

TW - Have a sizeable scroll bar (also allow me to alter the colours please!) as chunky fingers need a bigger scroll bar to scroll text effectively).


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TW- needs to work with more sound file formats other than .au

TW- to be able to import flash (.swf) graphics in to the skin like link buttons and animations.

TW- an undo function would be handy


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Sorry, this post has landed in the wrong thread. Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive
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My wish list:


I would like to have the option to control the auto rotate speed for the slideshow.  If I want to slow the tour down, I have to copy it, paste it in as a movie then start change all the in and out points and set it as the new default.

Adding Map Compass links:  I would like to have the option to change the default Brightness and the default Image so I don't have to rest them each time.  I always set the Brightness to 20 and I alway use a small dot as the Image.  My Virtual Tours have as many as 60 Scenes and Compass hot-spots on each map so with the default Compass it is a mess.

For the Map Scene Hotspot, I wish there was a way to choose a set of Image, Mouse Over and Mouse Down images of my choice all in one click to speed up my production.

One the Skin page: I would like to be able to place a Still Image on top of the Map.  As an example, I would be able to have my clients logo overlaping the map and the rest of the layout.

I would like to beable to control the window size of the Tourweaver application so it is not full-screen of minimized only.  I want to beable to reduce the size, taking it out of full-screen size, so I can place it on my twin monitor desktop where I want it.


I quite using Easypano after upgrading to a Nikon D70s and the Sigma 8mm lense.  Using Easypano I was getting darkening along the seams that were unexceptible.  Easypano sure worked great with my Nikon 995.  Now I shoot 6 shots along with a top view, but I admit it really does take me a long time to get a seamed 360.  If I could pull off a nice seamed image with Easypano and it was faster than what I'm doing now, I'd use it again.

Thanks for listening and I look foward to see what you come up with. Tom