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Nodal Point

Hello and Happy New Year!

I'm trying to set-up my Caons 20D and Sigma 8mm on the new Nodal Ninja 3.

This is as close as I've gotten:

Any suggestions?  Shoud I be moving the camera backwards or forwards?  Left or Right?  And at this point, am I fractions of mm's from the correct nodal point?


I'm also having problems with Panoweaver 4.0 stitching the top image, i.e. shooting 4 around and then the top image at position 4.  Will the software always require the user to add matching points?  Or, if the nodal point is set-up correctly, will the software stitch automatically?

Thanks for any advice/help!


Canon 20D - Sigma 8mm 3.5 EXDG - Manfrotto 3021BN Tipod - Panoweaver 4.0
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Hello Robert,

Happy new year to you too !

Check out the link below, this is not the setup for the equipment you're using, but this might give you some hints:

Regards, Alexandre

Alexandre G.
Nikon D50 - Nikkor 10.5mm - NN3 - Manfrotto055CLB - Panoweaver 4.0 - Tourweaver 2.0