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New member seeking feedback

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their help in getting up and running. I have been lurking for the last month, but finally have a tour ready to post. The viewer is based on PTViewer, but I added some new features of my own. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again for all the great advice on this forum.

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Hello Tom :)

The tour is great, i just find the arrows area a little big comparing to the display size of the pano, why don't you put it out of the display area ? The tripod is also viewable when looking down.

Apart from that, i find it wonderfully customized, it's a good point when selling to real estaters, if they want to have a customized display interface you're able to do it :)


Alexandre G.
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G'day Tom,

Welcome to the Easypano forums.

Your tour displays very nice and for your first displayed effort you should feel very proud.

Regards, Smooth

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I agree.. great start !!!

Welcome to the Forum

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