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And hopefully Smooth will help me correct my problems so I can improve

I will post the same images when I have taken some new images.

Best regards


Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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Hi Morten,

The gold ring at the end of the Sigma 8mm is the spot you are looking for.  Make sure that the ring is over the point of rotation for your tripod head.  Then all you should need to adjust is side to side.  Also, the 5d is a full frame sensor so I do not think you need the "top" shot for your panos.  You should be able to get full coverage with as few as 3 shots around.  Remember that the lens cap is a two stage device.  You must remove the cap and the ring holding the cap to get the full 8mm of coverage on your sensor. 

Good luck...
TTurner---wanting to upgrade to the 5d soon!


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Actually the Gold ring is just the starting point.... you really need to do a No Parallax Point calibration.. for making sure that it is RIGHT on POINT !
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One of the better sites to help calibrate the NPP

Hope it helps.