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HDR Question

I upgraded from a coolpix 4300 and fisheye converter ( taken with coolpix. I use to have to take several exposures and photoshop them together to get a nice shot out on the bay or beach and still be able to see the deck and even inside the condo. The different exposures very a lot to be able to get this effect on a sunny hot day and it required lots of cutting and pasting in Photoshop.

I upgraded to a Canon 20D and Sigma 8mm f3.5 after reading about RAW and HDR ( There example shows a hot window that becomes unhot and able to see thru using RAW images. The exposure of the room does not seem to dim but you can see thru the window somehow.

After taking my first test run with RAW I am wondering if Photoshop will still be a necessary tool. I was hoping to not have to manually cut and paste as with the example by panoweaver  (  The RAW images in my test run were a slightly dark so I was able to turn them up easily in easypano RAW exposure adjustment which was nice. The problem is I am back to very hot windows and lamps doing this. Am I doing something wrong or should I not expect easypano to be able to automatically correct the hot light coming thru windows and off of lamps. Per panoweaver's example of HDR it looks like the windows in the room somehow were selected to tone down while the rooms exposure stayed the same.

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Easypano Panoweaver doesn't do the HDR combining that has control over Vignetting and Chromatic Aberration, just the making of multiple panoramas of different exposures from the same set of RAW images. Meaning if you have corrected your RAW images of all faults you still need to blend these images using HDR software.

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Take a 4 click stop bracketed EV -2,0,+2 set of 12 images.  Load ALL 12 images  and click the HDR checkbox.

PW5 then reads the EXIF information to sort through the image set into 4 images that are EV -2,  4 images EV 0 and 4 images EV +2 and displays a list.. for you to confirm.

After doing a pre stitch.. it creates 1 panorama each for EV -2,  EV0 and EV +2.  Then it merges the 3 panoramas together.

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