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How to remove tripod from spherical pano

the pano manual says (pg31 last line) use common lenses.
I have (Nikon D80)+
Lenses AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED
Nikon D80 with AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II
Lenses AF-S DX 55-200mm f/4-5.6 G ED
Sigma Fisheye
Some how I was not able to get the floor-match the floor pattern.( square tilled flooring)
When I took the image form 18-55mm (manual) the size if the tiles changed, and it was impossible to match the tile patterns, also when I took the photo with out the tripod, my 2 feet too came in the frame....??
I had spent almost 2-3 days in figuring out, read the manual again and again
I tried with Fish Eye and its quite daunting experience....
Is there a standard method that will make things work....
I saw the tile done at
It was quite clean
Can some one help.
Can some one send me the original files 4+T+B and the B with common!  Lenses and the B with photo edited file. I need to study them and see what need to be done.
The B file should be a floor tile, not a carpet, sand, soil. Or flat road.

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It is most important that you have the camera lens set 100% correctly at the (NPP) No Parallax Position this is the Entrance Pupil of the lens. This involves lots of testing for accurate results and not just a guess. It also can involve setting manual control points to help the stitcher align correctly.

More often than not correcting the nadir is required via Photoshop. It is possible (but not easy) to shoot a down shot of the nadir hand held, But! this is not so easy to be very accurate. Yes, shooting with fisheye will capture "feet" but if you have "Smartblend" installed it should deal with this problem and remove your feet when blending.

It is pointless shoot the nadir with another lens or camera, Unless you plan to patch the nadir and correct projection in Photoshop. Panoweaver has no option for this. 

Another option is to use Alpha Channel Masking. But, Panoweaver does not at this stage support Alpha channels.

The typical way to correct the nadir is to use the tools Clone and Heal in Photoshop and "fake" in the required nadir. So it cannot be distinguished - this comes with skill in Photoshop. For simple things like unpatterned carpet, cement drives or footpath's this is quite easy. Tiled or Tessellated floor are the most difficult to deal with. So if you can avoid them - do so!

and the final way, - cap the tripod with your own cap/logo.

Regards, Smooth