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Seeing RAW thumbnails on your computer

Have you ever used your files and folder explorer to browse your hard drive and not been able to see your RAW .NEF or CR2 thumbnail images?

RAW images created with Canon updated Nov 1 2007, Nikon 11/07, Sony 02/08, Olympus 05/07 and 12/07, Pentex 04/07 and a new one for me called "ArdFry"11/07.

Microsoft has been working with major camera manufacturers to over come this issue by providing a free codec file for you to install on your PC.

Just download the codec and reboot.


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OOooh nice work Dave!
Thanks for posting this - I don't shoot in RAW but am considering it and have hated this issue.

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

REgards Morten

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