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Australian Fire

For all those forum members in the land of OZ [Australia]  ARE YOU SAFE >  Fires in Australia !!!!

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I asked the same question over in the Smooth 360 Down For MXT Thread

Hope all is well with you Smooth! (and others in the land down under)

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I just sent Smooth a PM about an image issue, but was not thinking about "The Fire".

Hope all is well...Smooth!


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Hello All,

Thank you for your support.

Where I am is currently safe although very hot. There as been in some areas 13 days straight of temperatures of over 40 degrees (C) 100 degrees (F).

I learnt this morning my cousin and his wife and daughter lost their house and a pub they own (where they now our) is still under threat. They had escaped the flames from their home with neighbours and their children. The neighbours decided to go back and attempt to fight the flames in a vein effort to save their homes. Unfortunately they went back only to lose their lives. The children are now without parents.

It is very sad as many people have lost their lives or loved ones and this is a long way from being over. The ironic thing is that in Queensland (north) is flooded and Victoria (south) is burning. These fires are HUGE and it is very hard for people to understand the scope of devastation.

Every night we see images of burnt cars that have gone of the road, hit trees, hit each other as they tried to escape but simply cannot see because of the intense smoke. I just seen an image on the news of a car that had driven flat out into a dam on a property. No news if the driver survived but the chances are far better in the water.

173 dead as at 5.30pm 10th Feb 2009

View this gallery for some indication.

Don't forget the wildlife

Regards, Smooth

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Ditto those feelings - been away and missed this but should have thought about it earlier.

May your god go with you.