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Can i sell panoweaver 5 license?

Can i sell panoweaver 5 license? It is allowed or not ?
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As I last heard,  you have to first deactivate the product.  May have to re register it with new name.  Then new person activates the product.

Maybe someone else have more complete information

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This question should be asked directly to Easypano

Typically you shouldn't be allowed, but I have seen permission granted. So this is a Grey area. Contact support.

Regards, Smooth

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According to Easpano License Agreement, all end users are not allowed to resell any license key to third party. Only are the authorized Easypano resellers allowed to do so. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you want to be Easypano reseller, please send email to directly for more information.

Regards, Joe

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