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I'm not quite sure i'm following 100% Dave....
what would the "appropriate meter distance be" are you talking about how close somethign is that i need to focus on? (ie, interior versus outside shot)
Also, are we changing the aperature off the faithful f/8?
I'm very interested in understanding...
Thanks in advance
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When you look at the DOFmaster chart and say pick the f/8 column you will notice that the depth of field is

When you set your aperature to f/8 and
Distance to the object (meters) = 1 meter (or about 39 inches or about 3 feet)

Then your depth of field or zone where ALL is in focus is 

nearest to glass lens = .21 meters (1 m = 39 inches x .21 = 8.25 inches)
fartherest from lens = oxo or infiinity

This is rather a very deep depth of field.

In any event when you are using Canon 5d and Sigma 8mm and aperature F/8 you should set your focus ring to the hyperfocal distance of 0.27m  or 0.90 ft [in the chart change the Units from meters to feet and inches or feet then calculate again and look at the hyperfocal distance value.

If you are using a different camera then you need to specify it in the DOF chart.. and use those values.  The Canon 500d values are different than the 5d.

The point of this discussion is .. while you are onsite... you first want to check your lighting using the camera's on board light meter for best aperature and shutter speed.  [manually turn off the autofocus feature] THEN if you want to shoot alittle bit on the darker side.. you shoot say 1/3 or 1/2 stop lower to keep from blowing out the windows... then be sure to manually change focus ring  the hyperfocal distance on the lens in order to get maximum sharpness.

THEN of course - fix the chromatic abberation in Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw Converter.  That will align the red channel with the other Blue and Green channels.

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