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Jumbled pictures/Horizontal field of view

I did a test with 18x5-bracket shots to make a 360 cylindrical panorama using Panoweaver 6.00.090804, Nikon D300, Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 EX DG lens, Manfrotto rotator.

I tried to stitch the pictures, but the shots got jumbled in the merged picture. I then tried the demo version of ptgui pro and got it right at the first try. I purchased Panoweaver thinking it was more user friendly, so this surprised me. The only setting I can change in pw that seems relevant is hor fov (horizontal field of view). How do I know what number to put here? And why cannot easypano find out itself like ptgui pro seems to do? The shots were taken at 28mm focal length according to exif data if this matters. I also see in exif data "Focal length in 35mm film: 42mm".

I probably don't have the exact nodal point in the pictures, but thought it wouldn't matter since the the motive of the photo is not close to the camera. Its a picture of mountains around taken from a mountain top.