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PW support


I have several times emailed as well as left a message on their "live support" feature on the web site. I did not get a response to either. Anyone know if these support options are still in service? Its difficult to call them for me in the time slots they are available due to different time zone.

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They are definitely not answering support questions.
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Ask here on the forum and I will attempt to help with your questions.

Understand I'm a fellow user NOT Easypano staff.
Other fellow users might also attempt to help out.

Regards, Smooth
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Hi Dominique, I do understand your feeling. As far as I know, their email box got hundreds of junk mails everyday so sometimes they may delete or block your email by mistake.But i agree that customer service needs improving.

Anyway, lots of people will help in the forum.

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I really appreciate your replies, they are very interresting, reliable and based on very good experience !

having paid a lot, for Studio PROFESSIONAL, we (at least I) can expect some "official", "effective" and "efficient" support and follow-up !

The support team (if any) seems to be made of politicians, they always reply by promesses !

I'm totally disapointed.

I already sent mails with clear topics for which I need help (July or August 2009) and am still waiting ...

They didn't wait so long to take my money

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