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Matching Points Panoweaver 6


Is there any tutorial besides Panoweavers, that explains more about how and where to place the points to the match features?

Does shutter speed, affects the stitching, imbalanced colors.?


Regards, Sal
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Hi Sal,

You probably would not think that shutter speed and imbalanced colors would affect stitching and matching points.

Matching points involves locating matching pixel locations between adjacent image pairs.  Several years ago someone told me that the software does some sophisticated 'edge shape definition' to find matching points.  Shutter speed would improve image edge sharpness. Also digital colors are only represented by numbers.  If the pixel color is same or nearly the same color number it might help in determine point precision.

But then.. only the program author would know exactly how points are selected - not sure if they would tell us.  AND I am only making an somewhat educated guess.

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You are picking a pixel in one image and trying to find the same pixel in the matching overlap of the next image (or getting it as close as possible).

Objects help us locate these pixels. The clearer the image the easier to find. This is why it is important to learn how to process RAW images correctly and adjust for Chromatic Aberration, Blur, Sharpness etc.

The most important thing is to have spread of matching control points from top to bottom down the edge of an overlapping fisheye image pair. Clustered control points are bad and confuse the stitching process. In reality 3 to 6 good spread out control points between overlapping images is ideal.

Be sure to download and install "Smartblend" to be used with Panoweaver as an alternate blending choice over Panoweaver's own blender.

Regards, Smooth